Kite Sardegna only organizes individual courses to ensure to students the maximum attention and support they need. The courses are for all levels. In our courses we use cutting edge equipment, with the best security systems and the highest performance, to making it easier and more fun learning ... Find out in detail the best course for your needs.

The courses are divided into:
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Kite Sardegna instructors are CONI qualified, they will guide you in learning this wonderful sport. They operate in this sector since many years and are in constant training and updating to ensure you the highest quality in teaching and safety. The best guarantee of the effectiveness, the seriousness and passion with which we do our courses are the testimonies of those who have truly learned kitesurfing with us and now are active members of the association and crew.



Recovery is free for anyone who attending courses or lessons.

Kite Sardegna members will have No. 3 free recoveries for the season, including in the annual membersip card.

The recovery service will be guaranteed to all at the spot. The cost of service in case you're not associated with Kite Sardegna is 100€ /each rescue.


Kite Sardegna hire kitesurf equipment only to their own members who must still demonstrate a suitable level of practice.

Rental costs are:

- Full rental 50€/hour (kite + board + harness)

- harness rental 10€/hour

- board rental 20€/hour

- kite rental 30€/hour