So, in the 2003 summer hanging by a virus 9 meters, with no leash and a directional board I made mi first attemp... since that it is a lifestyle ...
Every time I'm in the sea in my land, I get caught in a sensations vortex that I can't describe... and I don't have enough. That because every time is different and every session is a new adventure. .. every time a new memory to keep for life!
Kite every day... wonderful life...
Some time in the night while I'm sleeping I think how

lucky I am living inthis wonderful place, dipped in the colors and scents of my country and to share this with my best friends.

Preferred Spot:Porto Botte, Fortino, Maresciallo (wave).
Preferred Rider: Andre Phillip, Mauricio Abreu
Gear: Kite Cabrinha Nomad. Board Caliber 133, Custom 140 e binding (freestyle).
Sponsor: Cabrinha - Rogz - Agriturismo Golfo Palmas
Preferred trick: Power Crash!!!