Born in Milan, I have always done skating and snowboarding. I saw the first kite in 2001 in Chia but I never got time to do a course and in my Sardinian golden exile there were only sheeps...

Finally in
2004 July I find some free afternoon and I do every day 90 miles to go in Chia with Mirco who promised to teach me. Hard method: After some testing I find myself hanging on the beach to a virus 2 cables with wrist leash and totally off-shore wind!

So, learn kitesurfing or die!... and now I can't live without!

Preferred Spot: Is Solinas(freestyle),Porto Pino (wave)
Preferred Rider: Aaron Hadlow
Preferred Trick: Kiteloop hp power
Preferred Music: NU METAL e RAPSODIA (my band)