KITE SARDEGNA is an Amateur Sports Association affiliated to the National Olympic Committee CONI and Italian Sailing Federation FIV . All members of KITE SARDEGNA receive the FIV card for the current season..

The CARD is released to all members and serves to participate in association activities and includes:

- SPECIFIC KITESURF INSURANCE valid worldwide for personal injury that occurred during events, meetings and training sessions

- No. 3 RECOVERIES with boat during the summer season

Federvela also allows insurance integrations with additional policy. For more information about insurance, policies and procedures go to the official FIV page

Each registering or renewal member must present a medical examination certificate.

FIV identifies two types of activity and its assessment:

Released by a Medical Specialist in Sports Medicine, which operates at hospital, public or private clinics etc. It involves: medical examination - complete urine examination - electrocardiogram at rest and on exertion - spirography

SPORT ACTIVITY: medical visit TYPE B
Released by the Family Doctor, Pediatrician, Private or Professional Doctor. It does not involve performing
laboratory or instrument diagnostic tests.

Dowload here the Kite Sardegna request module and deliver it to Staff Directors for approval

FIV Federvela


From 2012 Kiteboard joined the Federvela family, coming from the Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation. It is a candidate to become an authoritative Olympic Class for the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro. As happened with windsurfing, also with kiteboarding many prestigious associations are born. Some of them like KITE SARDINIA are perfecting their affiliation with a simplified procedure, the associations were in fact already recognized by CONI, albeit with a different reference federation. The Kiteboard Class took the opportunity of this epoch-making change to bring order to the rules that govern the discipline, not always well seen in the area. To do this, they sought the cooperation of the Area XIV, who willingly made ??available its experience and so is ready to approve rules of behavior and use that will be offered both in sports and administrative level, for a common regulation of kiteboarding all over Italy.


For more informations visit FIV site.